Friday, June 19, 2009

Summer gloom

It's been a while my dirty kids. Life is stable, everything is on flow, and on point. Things had been slow for me since school ended three weeks ago. I've been drinking 211, gotta love cheap drinks, cheap and it hits the spot. I think if you add the days of me and my niggies drinking sessions, i think we would have drank straight 30 days, Hootie-hoo right? Hang tight my liver, for i need you dearly! On the grind.. i have this piece for a while now. i finished this piece around the first weeks of may. damn it, if i was not lazy and stubborn, this shit would have turned out good. Oh well, life goes on haha.. Ultraman son! Japanese shows back when i was a kid that me and my bro used to watch on a Saturday morning. The graffs kinda ehh ... been 5 yrs since i painted damn it give me break.


Friday, May 8, 2009


Well its getting hot, so i need that fresh baldy cut again, ya feel? Summer fresh bald cut is always good with SUNNY LA heat rays. Its like peanut butta' and jelly, aha. eh this all i can write right now get back at you later with some fresh art. peace!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


6pm - 1am
Painted all day, been 5 years since i last painted a damn piece, damn.
I'm rusty, plus the work i did was kind of in a rush, all my fault though.
Next time there's a project like this I'll mos def going to beast on it. Just like my niggie Cheerio said, "KEEP DOING IT, BROTHER." Damn right I'm going to practice, paint, and draw more.

"DO WORK!" Hope this shit will remind me to do more art shit, instead of goofing around and being lazy. Today was a wake up call. Needed that yeeyuh.

WORK will be posted probably later.
THANKS CHEERIO, MY NIGGIE, for everything.

Hustle it.
(@ cheerios work station)

Sunday, May 3, 2009


It eats, take a shit, can smoke you out, can even give good head! You gotta cop one, cause she's a dime ass bear. This bear can't fight though, cause this bear is tender loving bear. Can make a funnay in a minute. Just give her some Purp and Heineken shes good to go. HAHA, Sherryl!


Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao! For the win!!! That knock out was just vicious as hell, kind of felt bad for Hatton when they showed the replay, shuxx. First round was just heart pounding for me, damn! Manny's fights are always exciting for me. Anyways man that fight was just mad quick, thought Hatton was going to gun up and have a toe to toe with Manny, but shit when he got knocked down the first round, i knew it was game over! Props for Hatton though for taking that beastly ass punched, OUCHIE!! GO PACQUIAO!

On another sports, BULLS lost kinda pissed off about that one--exciting series though--Lebron will whoop bostons ass, that's for sure, SHIT!

Alright, enough with the sport shit, time for some art Gonna start the brothers piece for his presentation. I'm making a Ultraman, and some old japanese superhero shows back in the days, that me and my bro watched when we were young. Hope it comes out clean.


-Good seeing my niggie Carlo, and Cheerio, HA HA! reminiscing the old days, shit.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009



So we all know LAKERS WON, YEA SON!
I Watched half of the game at the gym. Everyone that were in the gym were glued and stuck watching the game. the last 2 minutes was just fun, everyone was just screaming, "YEAH LETS GO LAKERS!" Everytime Odom make that And1 play, people would scream and go nuts, shit. THAT'S W'SUP SON
Lakers all the way! F-F-Fresh Coast!

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Alright kids, after playing ball with the homies came home, ate some bomb filipino food, I'm tired as fuck the usual get go of my daily routine on a saturday. Then rang rang son, I got a call from the brother from another korean mother, Cheerio. he told me that they were two galleries that were up, one was at alhambra (Nucleus Gallery) the Streetfighter gallery, and one at sunset blvd.

So i picked the brotha up and this niggie was drunk off some wine! like word?
First destination was at Alhambra, street fighter gallery. While going there my korean brother cheerio started spitting bars, ciphering and shit in korean. Sounded ill, it had a good delivery with the flow of the beat, but damn son I cant understand korean? like wtf? Shit sound cool though, HAHA! however he told me what he was ciphering about, so i guess i kinda get it?

So we got to Alhambra (chink town haha, not racist okay chill) and shit and damn, mad ass people outside Nucleus gallery. Me and the homie storm that gallery like it was d-day raaah! mad packed inside, people were shoulder to shoulder bump; you can probably grab booty and the girl wont know it was you who tried to cop a feel on her tush , its that packed LOL (jk about the booty grabbing, sheesh.)
The gallery had funny and awesome artworks of the Streetfighter characters, also they were lots of geeks in that gallery dressed up as a streetfighter.
In the middle of the gallery they had a tournament going on. It was that new Sf4 game. I didnt bother about it, but everyone was screaming and "oooohing" every time some dude bust out a cool move or combo and shit. I was more into the ladies that were there, and specially the art.

After that gallery me and my seoul niggie went to go to the other gallery.
It was on Sunset blvd. kind of got lost going there but it was all gravy. I winged it as usual, you know what am'saying? Lexyboo the tom-tom haha.
So we got there, my first thoughts were like, "damn son! we in the hood?" It had that urban downtown vibe. We got into the shop had probably 11 to 15 pieces that were up in the wall, THEY WERE ALL SICK! I love that street art! EKUNDAYO damn son, his piece that was up on the wall was just ill. love the character that was in the piece, and the color scheme he used on was just real witty. over all in the gallery the piece that Ekundayo did was i believe the best one, Well for me.

After we were done looking at the pieces that were on the shop, we went in back to hit up the backyard. A ruckus was going on in that bitch so we had to check it. We went inside walk through this narrow ass hall, and it was mad dark! As we get close to the crowd my Spider sense tingled, I smell that kush, purple kush, or og kush homie! It was that Skank Smell son. I knew these people be smoking that good shit. When we got to the crowd it was just intense, the people from there were probably from South central all of them were just HOOD/GANGSTERS. The Emcee who was ciphering even had a shout out to them, "WDUP TO MY SOUTH CENTRAL PPL IN THE HOUSE!" Shit?
Very Likely 50-70% of the crowd was from the hood, kind of awkward and out place in there, me and the homie cheerio were the only asian in there but its all gravy. I eve saw a homie that had a tattoo of LA on his left cheek like the rapper Game, and on the back of his head tattted up with a big ass Letters, (probably his gang) I dont know what it was but shit, it looked gangster as fuck.
Overall that place had good underground music, emcee was buck, he hyped the whole crowd. Everyone into it. People smoking weed, drinking 40, Normal party vibe scene. They were just there to support, listen to some good hiphop music, most likely just having a good saturday night.

After that Gallery we ate at some burrito shop, CHOMP that carne asada burrito!
AFter finishing the grub we head back home.
Hittin up galleries are like feeding your brain with imagination and ideas
Good productive saturday.
This shit is gettin too long, so imma end it here.
thanks for listening Peace hoes and foes.

I love Hollyhood at nite!

The Hood Gallery, ill place to be
(sorry, i forgot what shop it was. its on sunset blvd)
(Some girl's piece)

Ryu From StreetFighter gallery

Special thanks to Cheerio
-Photography by Cheerio.